Raechelle Wolfert

Raechelle Wolfert

Washington, DC

Never-the-less I’ve decided to embrace my nerdiness. ☮ Share it with the world. Enjoy every moment spent in my little corner of the online world. ♔

❤ The look of love in your eyes
A look your smile can't disguise
The look of love
It's saying so much more
Than words could ever say.
And what my heart has heard
Well, it takes my breath away. ❤

♔ ♛ Who is that girl? ~ my name is Raechelle.

♔ ♛ What defines me in 3 words? Artistic, Whimsical & Free-spirited.

★ ☆ Artistic:

  1. of or characteristic of art or artists
  2. performed, made, or arranged decoratively, tastefully; aesthetically pleasing
  3. appreciative of and sensitive to beauty in art
  4. naturally gifted with creative skill

★ ☆ Whimsical:

  1. spontaneously fanciful or playful
  2. given to whims; capricious
  3. quaint, unusual, or fantastic

★ ☆ Free-spirited:

  1. acting independently ♛


at Gallaudet University
2013 – 2018 Washington, DC


2013, 2016-2018
GU Dean’s List, ♡
2014-2015, 2017-2018
GU Most Skilled Cheerleader and Captain, ♡